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Iridescent Crush Backdrops

Sheer Ivory Backdrop With Iridescent Crush Camel Front Layer With Custom TieCustom Iridescent Crush Camel BackdropIridescent Crush Camel Backdrop In The Center With Double High Burgundy Banjo On The SidesIridescent Crush Camel BackdropCustom Sheer Ivory Backdrop With Iridescent Crush Camel Front Layer V TiedIvory Bengaline Dual Panel Backdrop With Sheer Ivory Front Layer With Iridescent Crush Camel Accents With UplightsCustom White Taffeta Dual Panel (Using Tent Liner) Backdrop With Iridescent Crush Camel Accents And Mini LightsIridescent Crush Camel Backdrop And Mini lightsCustom Sheer White Backdrop With Accent Iridescent Crush Camel Drape

Every backdrop is custom. You choose the fabric of backdrop and the color. If you would like to add a front layer, you choose the fabric of the front layer and the color.

This front layer will need the same dimension as the backdrop. If you need a special width or height, just let us know. Multiple sections can be rented together if you have a larger area to cover.

The iridescent crush is available in camel.

There are various ways to tie the front layer. Uplights and mini lights can also be added at an additional cost.

Iridescent Crush Backdrops

1603Iridescent Crush 10'W x 12'T Backdrop$70.00
1862Iridescent Crush 16'W x 12'T Backdrop$100.00
Choose 12' Tall Camel Iridescent Crush for Backdrop$0.00
6054Front Layer Iridescent Crush 10'W x 12'T $63.00
1870Front Layer Iridescent Crush 16'W x 12'T $91.00
Choose 12' Tall Camel Iridescent Crush for Front Layer$0.00
1526Choose Crisscrossed Tied Front Layer$0.00
1527Choose V Tied Front Layer$0.00
1884Choose Basket Weave Tied Front Layer$0.00
6063Mini Lights for Backdrop 10'W x 12'-14'T $70.00
6065Mini Lights for Backdrop 16'W x 12'-14'T$73.00
7322Uplights (3) For 10'W Backdrop$36.00
6053Uplights (4) for 16'W Backdrop$48.00
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