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Rental Equipment

Cafe lights are the perfect way to get that vintage outdoor feel that is trending right now! Available in strands of green or white wire, with clear glass bulbs. Can be installed at venues, or in our tents!

Wireless LED Lights These feature 15 preset colors, a color balance menu for custom color mixing, fade, scroll, snap, and sound activation with sensitivity control. Each light is battery operated and mounted on an adjustable double yolk stand for support. Customize the lighting to sound or timing throughout your event! Light packages rent per case of 12, and include the instructions, lights, charging case, and plug for wall outlets (if desired).

Create an atmosphere of sheer elegance that will create unforgettable memories for you and your guests with a tent liner that is custom fit for our 40’ wide Losberger frame tent. Our new tent liner will allow you to create a breathtaking atmosphere as well as provide you with the ability to match your event’s color scheme with an infinite variety of lighting options.