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If you are planning a tent event. Canton Chair Rental has the experience and the quality tenting to make your event one to remember.

We rent festive canopies as well as white " wedding quality" tents in a variety or sizes to suit your needs. No event is too large or too small for our tents.

For larger events, we offer on site planning as well as CADD (computer aided design drawing) of your tent layout.

Speak to our experienced staff to help determine what size and style tent you will need for your next special event.

If you are renting a tent that is going on grass, remember we will be driving stakes 26"- 40" into the ground. Please be advised to call 1-800-362-2764 before you dig. We want to be sure of any underground utilities for your safety and ours. Also, be aware of any overhead trees and utilities that may hang too low. Remember prices quoted for Century Pole, Frame, and Pole tents include installation. There is also a delivery fee based on zip code.

**Other accessories available: fans, fencing, heaters, lighting, pole covers, sides (solid or window/cathedral), tent liners.

Fire Extinguisher:  Image $6.75
6' White Picket Fence Section:  Image $23.75
Exit Sign-Lighted:  $50.00
Fan, Hanging 18":  Image $28.00
Fan, Pedestal 20":  Image $19.00
Fan, Pedestal 30":  Image $51.00
Fan, Rolling Box 48":  Image $101.00
Flag for Tent: 4' or 8' tent flags can be added to the peaks of a pole tent for a unique and majestic look to your tent! *Available in Yellow and White; Call for Other Colors Image call for pricing
Heater, Propane 80,000 BTU:  Image $121.00
Heater, Standing Propane:  Image $91.00
Indian Scout: test Image $10.00
Light, Dimmer:  Image $12.00
Lighting, Chandelier Black 10 lights: Metal, 600 watts 5 amps Image $60.00
Lighting, Chandelier White 4 globes: Plastic, 300 watts, 2.5 amps Image $51.50
Lighting, Dandelion Pendant, Color Changing LED: Plastic Image $100.00
Lighting, Globe Plastic: 60 watts Image $14.50
Lighting, Globe String: Each string has ten 40 Watt bulbs. The cords strech to light approximately 45-50 ft. of tent. Image $45.00
Lighting, Standing Post White: 6'6" tall, 60 watts Image $19.95
Lighting, Standing Post, Three Lamp: 24" diameter, 97" H, black, 180 watts, 110 volt-need 8 1/2' tall ceiling $29.00
Lighting, Uplights Fixtures Installed: Uninstalled 11.00 Image $20.75
Metal Halide Light: for tents and buildings, 175 watts, 1.8 amps Image $62.00
Pole Cover for Center Pole:  $75.00
Pole Cover for Center Pole Lighted:  $130.00
Pole Cover for Side Poles: white with tie Image $9.00
Side, 7' Tall White Solid: 10', 20', 30'  Image call for pricing
Side, 7'Tall Clear/Cathedral: 16', 20', 30'  Image call for pricing
Side, 8' Tall White Solid: 20', 30'  Image call for pricing
Side, 8'Tall Clear/Cathedral: 20', 30'  Image call for pricing
Tent Flooring: Priced per section. Each section is 44" x 44". Can be connected to make different sizes. Gray resin. Can be covered with turf carpeting at an additional charge. Image $11.25
Tent Liner: Custom fitted to our 40' wide Losberger tents. Can be installed in a tent as small as 40' X 40' or as large as a 40' X 100' Image call for pricing
Canopies (customer can install): has a center pole (except 10' x 10'); no sides; grass installation only (except 10' x 10' - drilling for stakes in asphalt or use of water barrels or cement blocks is an additional charge) * $20.00 refundable deposit if customer installs * $64.00 for us to install, plus the delivery fee is additional
10'x10': white $100.00
16'x16': yellow and white striped Image $145.00
16'x16': white $150.00
20'x20': yellow and white striped Image $160.00
20'x20': white Image $165.00
20'x30': white Image $240.00
Century Pole Tent (installed): Image Image Image white; high peaked; has center pole(s); can accommodate sides (at additional charge); grass installation; available in: 60x40, 60x60, 60x70, 60x80, 60x90, 60x110 *price quoted on request; if you are in need of a larger size, please talk to our event planners
Frame Tent (installed): Image Image Image white; no center pole(s); can accommodate sides (at additional charge); grass, cement or asphalt installation (drilling for stakes in asphalt or use of water barrels is an additional charge); available in: 9x10, 16x16, 16x24, 16x32, 20x20, 20x30, 20x40, 20x50, 30x30, 30x40, 30x50, 30x60, 30x70, 30x80, 40x20, 40x30, 40x40, 40x50, 40x60, 40x70, 40x80, 40x90, 40x100 * prices quoted on request; if you are in need of a larger size, please talk to our event planners
Clear Frame Tent with Black Trim (Installed): Available in 20x20, 20x30, and 20x40 *Clear Sides Also Available Image call for pricing
Pole Tent (installed): Image Image Image white; has center pole(s); can accommodate sides (at additional charge); grass or asphalt installation (drilling for stakes in asphalt is an additional charge); available in:20x20, 20x30, 20x40, 30x30, 30x45, 30x60, 30x75, 40x40, 40x60, 40x80, 40x100 *prices quoted on request; if you are in need of a larger size, please talk to our event planners.
Animation of Pole tent: Watch our tent installers at work Image call for pricing

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