Party Rentals Guide


Bubble Bowls

10": 252oz- 10"W x 8 1/2"T$2.65
6": 56 3/4oz-6"W x 5"T$1.75


Votive: includes white candle$0.91
Votive Battery Operated: 2 3/4 Inches Tall x 1 3/4 Inches In Diameter$0.91

Frosted Cubes

These can be rented with or without LED lights to create different effects.

5" Frosted Cube:
No Image
LED Lighted Disk: For use under frosted cubes$2.00


12"x12": $1.07
14" Round: $1.57
4" Round: $0.43
8" Round: $0.96

Silver Tabletop Candelabra

3 Branch: $11.00
5 Branch: $15.50

Vase Sets

Can be rented individually as well.

4"x12" Cylinder: $3.05
4"x4" Cylinder: $2.05
4"x8" Cylinder: $2.55
6"x12" Cylinder Vase:
No Image
6"x14" Large Cylinder Vase: $4.05


24" Tall: 3 1/4" W at base x 3/8" maximum width of arrangement$2.90
Clarinet Vase: 10" in diameter and 32" tall. Can be used with either end serving as the base/vase.$23.00
Lighted Shade: Can be used as a base for a centerpiece or for a lampshade on top of a clarinet vase$30.00
Oval Tall Vase: 6" x 23.5" Tall$7.10
Square Vase: 6" Cube
No Image