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For Sale

Currently our for sale area is closed to the general public. Due to staffing shortages and the large number or rental orders we currently have going out, we are unable to dedicate staff members to assist in this area.

We currently have the following used equipment for sale. Please keep in mind our inventory is always changing. We do our best to keep the site up to date.

If you would like to call us in advance to place an order for items in the for sale area we will have a staff member pull the items for you. Orders will need to be paid in full before we pull the items and the items are sold as is/all sales are final. No refunds or returns. We ask for at least a week’s notice to prepare your request.

At this time, we are asking that requests also meet at least a minimum of $35.00 in used equipment for sale items.

Thank you for your understanding.

AV Opaque Projector$15.00
Balloon Clips Per 100$4.50
Balloons Latex 1/2 Bags $8.00
Balloons Latex Per 100$15.75
Banners-Colored (to hang)$2.00
Bar Black Serpentine (Top & Bottom)$125.00
Barrels Plastic 55 gallon$10.00
Candelabra Paradise Candles 8' or 12"$0.50
Candlelighter Brass or Silver$10.00
Carpet Runner Red 25' $15.00
Carpet Runners Matt Black 3'x5' $5.00
Chair Cover White for Dining Chair $3.00
Chair Sashes (good condition/pressed)$0.25
Chair Sashes (slightly damaged)$0.10
Charger Plate Gold Beaded$4.00
China Ivory Gravy Boats$2.00
China Saucers Plain Beige$0.10
Column 32" White $15.00
Dance Floor Black & White Snaplock 1' edge$0.25
Dance Floor Black & White Snaplock 1'x1'section$0.75
Dish Racks$5.00
Dish Racks (single slot)$20.00
Ficus Trees$20.00
Glass 10" Clear Dinner Fluer Plates$1.00
Glass Punch Cups$0.10
Glasses Assorted (Slightly Etched)$0.10
Griddle Trays$45.00
Hi Float Dispenser 24oz$23.25
Insinkerator Disposal$400.00
Napkins (good condition)$1.00
Napkins (slightly damaged)$0.25
Napkins Fuchsia Sequins 20x20$1.50
Palm Tree 6'$25.00
Palm Tree 7'$35.00
Palm Tree 8'$45.00
Skirting 13' Sections (good condition)$13.00
Skirting 13' Sections (slightly damaged)$6.00
Skirting 8' Sections (good condition)$8.00
Skirting 8' Sections (slightly damaged)$3.00
Stock Pot 60" Stock (No Lid)$20.00
Tablecovers 108" Round (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 114x114 Square (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 120" Round (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 120" Round (slightly damaged)$7.00
Tablecovers 120" Round Pecan Bengaline (good condition)$20.00
Tablecovers 120" Round Silver Cottonique (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 120x120 (slightly damaged)$7.00
Tablecovers 132" Round (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 132" Round (slightly damaged)$7.00
Tablecovers 132" Round Silver Cottunique (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 54x108 (slightly damaged)$5.00
Tablecovers 54x54 Square (good condition)$8.00
Tablecovers 54x54 Square (slightly damaged)$5.00
Tablecovers 60x120 (good condition)$8.00
Tablecovers 60x120 (slightly damaged)$5.00
Tablecovers 72x72 Square (good condition)$8.00
Tablecovers 72x72 Square (slightly damaged)$5.00
Tablecovers 80x80 Bengaline Pecan (good condition) $10.00
Tablecovers 84x84 Circle Taffeta Valentine (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 84x84 Eternity Black Stripe (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 84x84 Eternity Gold Stripe (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 90" Round (good condition)$8.00
Tablecovers 90" Round (slightly damaged)$5.00
Tablecovers 90x132 (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 90x132 (slightly damaged)$7.00
Tablecovers 90x132 Silver Cottunique (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 90x156 (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 90x156 (slightly damaged)$7.00
Tablecovers 90x156 Silver Cottunique (good condition)$10.00
Tablecovers 90x90 (slightly damaged)$5.00
Tablecovers Spandex For 30" Rd Cocktail Table (slightly damaged)$5.00
Tablerunner 12x120 (good condition)$3.00
Tablerunners 12x120 (slightly damaged) $1.00
Tablerunners 12x120 Black Sequins (good condition)$6.00
Trash Can Cover-Spandex (for 32 gal can)$5.00
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